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the SOS call

Ever let out that SOS call?
Stuck On HomeStuck, as most of us have labeled it. Well, then here you are! The rescue to all of the love for this fandom. So far I have seen practically every single form of art there is being uploaded to this group, always suiting the needs of every fan.

So you can very easily join and bring on the love! over 350 members have already!

There was some sort of "confusion" over some artwork, and I will put it over plain and simple: make sure that the artwork has some direct connection to HomeStuck before you submit it to the group. just because the subject is mentioned in HomeStuck does not mean it is automatically recognized as homeStuck content!
Thank you.

So now I have noticed artwork of the same... Genre, as before, and now I will put it full force: NO PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES ARE ALLOWED IN THE GROUP'S GALLERY. If you defile this rule, you will get one warning. Post again, and - I apologize - you will be kicked from the group.



Authors note this is my first sadstuck fan fiction so yeahcrying Sad Onigiri Chibi Spkmw sad :crying: rvmp Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] Crying Death the Kid Emote Smiley BambooD'Choo 09 cry original avatar cry DX Cry emote ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Today was one of those days when you don't have anything to do. You woke up very early thinking that you had to go to work but you remembered that today was Saturday and you don't work on Saturday. It was 7:00 and you tried to go back to sleep but the sun was to bright so you got up anyway. You were surprised by how much time was passing by and it was 10:00. You haven't heard from your morails karkat,sollux,gamzee,tavros,eridan,nepeta,and feferi because they usually try calling you before you even wake up. So you started thinking and you were really suspicious about it. Then you heard your phone ring , it was karkat. So you answerd it you heard him crying. " [NAME]!!!" "Karkat calm down, what's wrong?" "IT'S GAMZEE HE'S GONE A WILD KILLING SPREE ON YOUR PLANET IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD YOU NEED TO HIDE SOMEWHERE " no no no this can't I need to hide now!" "I -I don't want you to die[name]*sniff* y-your the best morail I've ever had*sniff*" "o-ok bye." So you hung up and got things that you needed and went into your very big backyard , then you heard screaming down the street you said in your head that he might be getting closer so you found a so you found a secret place that you never knew you had. So you went down the small set of stairs and walked into lighted but empty. Then you heard honking getting louder and then it got quite he must stopped at the house at the end of the road. You have never been this scared in your life. Then you started to hear the honking heard the door get kicked down and he started to look for you in your house then you heard the backdoor open loud honking. Gamzee must of had some good scenes because he found you immediately. You started to tear up every time he walk down a step. Then you heard the teleportation sound and it was karkat he was coming to keep you safe "come on [name] you'll be safer at alternia and we will find you o good hiding spot because gamzee will hunt you down same with the rest of us he will go nonstop until
 Death happens." You felt safer with your freinds but you were still frightened by the fact that death is coming your way and you didn't want to be alone so you asked karkat if you could hide with him. " hey karkat can I hide with you ?" " Sure [name] if it makes you feel safer with me then I'll protect you even I die." " thank you karkat."so you and karkat went to go find a good hiding spot and then you heard the teleportation sound again it must of been gamzee he was no raging he was crazy mad " HeY [nAmE] wErE aRe YoU AT COME OUT OR I'LL HAVE TO FIND YOU honk HONK honk HONK!?!?!" You bite your tounge so you don't scream. Gamzee could tell that karkat was in the room with you." HeY mOtHeRfUkInG bEsTfRiEnD HeHeHeHe,ARE YOU HERE TO DIE TO?!?!" You saw karkat starting to tear up in fear. You both were now crying silently in fear, then you started to hear footsteps getting closer and closer to the room that you both were in ,then you saw karkat pull out his two claws so he can attack when gamzee opens the door. So then gamzee got to the door and opened it slowly and at the same time you went to the dark corner of the room as karkat took a few steps back. The door was now open as was jumping gamzee turned and grab karkat by the neck and they were standing in light and you had no choice to wahch because the light kept you from going into insanity. Then gamzee threw karkat to the ground making the concrete crack , then gamzee got both of his clubs out and started to beat karkat to death " [ n-name] we w-will meet again " karkat spoke his last words before he bled out, now karkat was lying there dead. Then you saw gamzee getting closer and closer to you but you couldn't do anything but scoot back. Then he grab your neck and kept you to the wall suffocating you " hEhEhE i FnAlIy I GOT YOU NOW[NAME]!" " p-please s-top gamzee I can't brea......." You said your final words and was dead then gamzee let go of your neck and your lifeless body fell to the ground. Then gamzee came back into himself and saw you karkat on the ground not moving." WhAt HaVe I DoNe, It'S AlL mY fAuLt"

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im sorry, but we do not accept affiliations unrelated to MSPA


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CrazyWeirdo-Moonfall Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist… <=== Homestuck voice acting YouTube group! PLease like ad sub, it would mean a lot to us.  ^.^
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Hello all you lovely people :) I recently made a (kinda)dating website for Homestuck fans so if you're interested in meeting someone with the same interests as you go to fillyourquadrants . weebly .com :D
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why is this in a homestuck group

soren1442 Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG! I'm sorry I accidently submitted Warrior Cats fan art thinking I clicked on another picture! I'm so sorry you can remove it if you want!
secretsanta-stuck Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Hi everyone! We've started a homestuck secret Santa event and would love for everyone to join :D secretsanta-stuck.deviantart.c…
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The troll-folder seems to be full... at least that's what it tells me when I try to post something in it :/
mhm we noticed that a while ago so we made Trolls 2.
Jade-ChompChomps Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hey where can i put this?
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